December 14, 2005

Discover Music

From a link in a blog I read, I can't remember which, and probably got that link via another blog, I discovered a GREAT service and have been RE-discovering music. The website is and was started by the Music Genome Project, who ever they are. Basically it is a streaming music service were you give it one artist or song suggestion and it creates a random playlist of similar music to your suggestion. You can create your own stations of different types of music to go back to and listen later. I have a couple of stations set while experimenting with the site and my current favourite is my 'Alison Krauss and Union Station' themed station. It is mostly bluegrass and soft folk but has a great coffee shop sound to it. If I owned a coffee shop (one of my dreams) that is the kind of music I would play.

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October 12, 2005

Martin Sargent back on the air

Martin Sargent, TechTV's funniest presenter, is back on the air or rather back on the internet. On his newly release blog site he has announced his new podcast that will start tomorrow. His blog is a wacky read so I am sure his podcast will be full of side splitting laughter which unfortunatly will make it hard to listen to when out in public.

Keep up to date with his blog here and watch out for the podcast link.

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September 30, 2005

Watch Will & Grave LIVE episode on

If you missed the LIVE episode of Will & Grace (or just don't live in the US) you can now view the show on Both the East Coast and West Coast versions are available.

Just go to

Also please got to and 'digg' the story I submitted.

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July 25, 2005

Into The West

I have just finished watching the 6 part series 'Into The West' which was on TNT in the US. It is a great mini series which follows the story of the exploration and expansion into the west and the terrible treatment that the Indian's suffered. The massacre of thousands of innocent Indian, men, woman and children by the US Army in a genocide like policy has almost been erased from US history, so I am surprised that is was shown so vividly in the series.

I really enjoyed watching the show and have always found that time in history to be very interesting. If I could experience any time in history I would love to go back to the 1830's and explore the vast plains of the west.

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July 10, 2005

‘24’ in 48 Hours

This weekend I watched all 24 episodes of season 4 of Fox Televisions hit TV show ‘24’ back to back. It lasted 17.6 hours and started Friday evening, when I watched 2 episodes, then 15 Saturday and 7 Sunday. I think this is the best way to watch it as it was SO exciting I can’t see how people coped waiting 7 days for the next episode. As it is supposed to be real time action for 24 hours it makes sense to watch it like that if possible.

On Saturday afternoon I was actually watching what was happening between say 3pm and 4pm between 3pm and 4pm my time, which kind of added to the excitement. Out of all the episodes I think I enjoyed the first ones where Jack was trailing the man though the desert roads and then stormed the bunker to rescue Audrey and her father.

There was a lot of product placement in the show. I saw Sprint PCS phones, Motorola phones, HP TFT's and PDA's, Alienware laptops, Polycom speaker phones and Cisco phones by the dozen. When they did scenes in the control centre all you heard was Cisco IP phones ringing, with a special ring tone. It took some Googling, I had to revise my search string about 4 times, but I found the ring tone and now it is my Skype ring tone. I hope to have it as my cell phone ring tone when I finally get a new phone.

During the show there are lots of shots of computer screens as the technical analysts search through data or bring up satellite images and it seems the operating system of choice is Linux. In episode 8 Jack and Audrey go to Tony’s house for safety and to use his computer and I noticed Tony’s Linux distribution was using BeOS icons. You can see them in these pictures.

Other things I noticed quickly in the story line;
1) The scheming black lady (Marianne) was a traitor.
2) Marianne was going to set up the brunette.
3) Curtis going to the office build with Marianne to access the computer files was a trap.
4) Tony and the assassin weren’t in the car explosion.

I had noted lots of other things during the program but can’t remember them at the moment. I should have made notes. As I think of them I will update the list.

Now that Jack is officially dead, I wonder if there will be a 5th season and what will happen. What ever happens I will wait until the end of the series and watch all the episodes back to back again. Until then I think I might get the box set of Season 3 as this was the first season I had ever watched.

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July 03, 2005

Global Frequency

Global Frequency is the best Tv show that will never be aired. That is what a lot of people on the internet are saying and after watching the leaked pilot I have to agree with them.

This is another test of category icons.

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