February 06, 2006

Saturday Afternoon Riots

I am not a football fan, but live very close to the football ground in our town. Last month there was a big game and the two teams just did not get on. There was a big fight between the fans at a pub around the corner before the game and the Police were expecting more trouble afterwards. Hearing there was going to be trouble in our street I charged up my video camera and also moved my car to a safer location.

From about 16.45 to 18.00 there was chaos at the bottom of our road, with fans fighting, Police charging, dogs barking and Police cars arriving. Most of the actual fighting happened around the corner, but I videoed a lot from the safety of our house.

I have edited a 10min movie together of the 'highlights'. Football Violence.wmv (39.4mb)

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January 17, 2006

Fluid Movement

Parkour is art through movement and this Russian guys movement is so fluid it really is an art. Just watching the video makes me out of breath. I was never really that fit, but even during the days, or maybe a year I considered myself fit, I could never have done anything like this

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December 28, 2005

Best Christmas gift was a total surprise

After a few years, say 33, Christmas is not that exciting. There are no surprises as you normally always know what 'Santa' is going to bring you. But today this gift was a totaly surprise to me when it was delivered, and my best present this year. It was just a little piece of spoungy rubber, but the Channel9 Guy was the one thing I had wanted for months.

Back in September I emailed and also sent a postcard to the Channel9 Team at Microsoft, in Seattle, asking for one. If you don't know, the Channel9 site is full of videos created by Robert Scoble as he tours the Microsoft complex talking to the developers and discovering all the cool things Microsoft does. I really enjoy the site, but my only problem with it is that there is just not enough spare time to watch all the video's.

My Channel9 Guy is now going to take pride of place on top of my monitor next to the 'Pointy-Haired Boss' from Dilbert.

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December 01, 2005

Study, Study, Study

The second half of October and November were very busy for me, I was spending all my spare time studying. At the end of October I did the CCNA Semester 3 course and passed then November was spent revising for the CCNA Intro Exam which I did on Tuesday and passed.

But it does not stop there as I now have to study for CCNA Semester 4 which is all about WAN technologies and I am taking that course from 19th 23rd December. The plan then is to take the final CCNA exam in January which will give me the full CCNA qualification and I can start thinking about doing the CCNP.

What is CCNA you ask? Well I should have explained that at the beginning, CCNA stands for Cisco Certified Network Associate and is a Cisco qualification to certify you understand the principles and technology behind networks, the equipment used in networks and how to configure the operating systems to those devices. The first semester is very theory based, but semesters 2 through 4 are mostly all hands on configuring of routers and switches. It is very interesting but can be quite difficult to understand and there is definitely lots of remember.

I am really excited about nearing the completion of my CCNA and am enjoying teaching it to.

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October 03, 2005

Home grown produce

'Her in doors' or really 'Her out doors' planted carrots this year and I am now enjoying a bumper harvest. Our garden is only small and more of a gardenet (like booklet) than a garden but it was big enough to grow lots of flowers and some carrots. So now when we need some vegatables for our dinner we don't go to the shop on the corner we just go down the garden and get them fresh out of the ground.

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September 06, 2005

Missing: August

I seem to have misplaced August. Did any see it go by here? I think I heard it go past but can’t really remember. Anyway if anyone sees the month of August lying around please let me know.

I have been busy since my last post on July 25. I have discovered the joy of pie making or more importantly pie eating. I am not one to cook but I do like to eat and while on a walk in the countryside we picked some wild Blackberries and then made a pie.

Here are some pictures of long ago eaten pies.

This started a whole pie making experience and we made a plum pie with plums from a friend’s garden and our last pie was a peach one. Store bought peaches but tasty neither the less.

This started a whole pie making experience and we made a plum pie with plums from a friend’s garden and our last pie was a peach one. Store bought peaches but tasty neither the less.

Our first Blackberry pie

My super Peach pie

A Plum pie with little Plum Puffs made with leftover pastry

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July 24, 2005

Line of coke

In the early hours of Saturday morning 3 young man, about 15 to 18 years old, stood outside my neighbors house, weighed out some coke, cut it into 3 lines on the wall and then argued over who was supposed to have which one. I have no problem with them trying to kill themselves but I just wish they would do it in their own home and do it quietly. I was annoyed they woke me as they were being so loud and drunk and then high. I contemplated throwing water over them to ruin the drugs or going out with a pistol and doing a ‘John Shaft’ on them and scaring the life out of them. But I opted for the safer legal option, I called the Police. It has been over 24 hours now and the Police have not been and obviously the teenage coke-heads have gone. Was it worth it calling the Police at all?

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July 13, 2005

Today I saw 'Stupidity in Action'.

Two boys (who were not in a PE class) somehow took a javelin and wandered down to the fields when no staff were around. I watched in amazement from the top floor as they stood about 40feet apart and started to throw the javelin to each other just like a game of catch or 'chicken'. Thinking that this behaviour might be wrong, I told reception as they have the walkie-talkies to contact the Senior Teachers. I went back to watching the exciting game of chicken, and in my head worked out what I would say when I dialled 999 after the obvious would happened. I figured I would ask for a helicopter as the field was big and it would be exciting to see it land. Anyway in between daydreaming about calling an ambulance and watching the javelin throwers I thought 'hummm....maybe I should tell someone else'. So I told the Head of IT who immediately phoned down to the PE department, and then we watched the Head of PE run across the field towards the idiots, who dropped the javelin and just ran further down the field. Everyone was thankful I mentioned the javelin chicken throwers as apparently there is TONS of paperwork to fill in once a kids gets impaled.

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July 07, 2005

One year today.

This date will always be remembered because of todays events in London, but for me it is a special day because one year ago I moved in to my first home. It is amazing how quickly time goes by. There are lots of things that need doing in the house but so far I have fitted double glazed windows to the rear, replaced the back fence, had some work done in the loft and replaced the boiler. Hopefully in the next year I will update the kitchen and maybe put a small shed in the garden.

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July 05, 2005


This past weekend I learnt how it feels to be less than physically capable, and from now on I will treasure my health. Somehow on Saturday I strained my back and come Saturday evening I was bent over double unable to move unless in pain. I could lie on my side or sit in a straight backed chair and that was it. Cooking for myself and carrying a drink out of the kitchen was almost painfully impossible, I was moving like an elderly man, not the young person I am. Luckily after a few painkillers and Ibuprofen I can now move again freely, and hope I can for a long time to come.

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July 03, 2005

Test of General

More tests.

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