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January 17, 2006

Fluid Movement

Parkour is art through movement and this Russian guys movement is so fluid it really is an art. Just watching the video makes me out of breath. I was never really that fit, but even during the days, or maybe a year I considered myself fit, I could never have done anything like this

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January 09, 2006

Data dilemma

I dream of unlimited gprs plans and joining the ultimate connected world by being able to access email and the web from my smartphone. Unfortunately my current phone plan does not give me that. I had a form of mobile connection last year when I used an Orange Pay As You Go SIM in a Sony Ericsson 68i with its expensive gprs tariff and a bluetooth connection to my iPaq 2215. Problem was I hated Orange so moved to O2. Soon after switching carrier my 68i started to play up so I splurged out on an unlocked Orange branded SPV C500 which I always loved even with my hatred of Orange. Problem was I had not checked gprs connectivity on the O2 PAYG SIM before I bought the C500 because now I know that O2 only give you limited WAP access on PAYG and not full internet access like Orange allowed. So now my choices are to get an Orange SIM just for data access and keep my O2 for voice or upgrade to an O2 contract to get full internet. Upgrading is not really an option as I can’t afford it and if I was going to upgrade I would probably want to get the new O2 XDA Mini. I understand this is all just trivial stuff compared to life’s other problems, but mobile data access is something I have always wanted. Even if I don’t really need it.

So what would you do?

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