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December 28, 2005

Best Christmas gift was a total surprise

After a few years, say 33, Christmas is not that exciting. There are no surprises as you normally always know what 'Santa' is going to bring you. But today this gift was a totaly surprise to me when it was delivered, and my best present this year. It was just a little piece of spoungy rubber, but the Channel9 Guy was the one thing I had wanted for months.

Back in September I emailed and also sent a postcard to the Channel9 Team at Microsoft, in Seattle, asking for one. If you don't know, the Channel9 site is full of videos created by Robert Scoble as he tours the Microsoft complex talking to the developers and discovering all the cool things Microsoft does. I really enjoy the site, but my only problem with it is that there is just not enough spare time to watch all the video's.

My Channel9 Guy is now going to take pride of place on top of my monitor next to the 'Pointy-Haired Boss' from Dilbert.

Posted by lonesniper at December 28, 2005 04:59 PM