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October 12, 2005

Martin Sargent back on the air

Martin Sargent, TechTV's funniest presenter, is back on the air or rather back on the internet. On his newly release blog site he has announced his new podcast that will start tomorrow. His blog is a wacky read so I am sure his podcast will be full of side splitting laughter which unfortunatly will make it hard to listen to when out in public.

Keep up to date with his blog here http://roughpatch.tv/ and watch out for the podcast link.

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October 03, 2005

Home grown produce

'Her in doors' or really 'Her out doors' planted carrots this year and I am now enjoying a bumper harvest. Our garden is only small and more of a gardenet (like booklet) than a garden but it was big enough to grow lots of flowers and some carrots. So now when we need some vegatables for our dinner we don't go to the shop on the corner we just go down the garden and get them fresh out of the ground.

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