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September 30, 2005

Watch Will & Grave LIVE episode on NBC.com

If you missed the LIVE episode of Will & Grace (or just don't live in the US) you can now view the show on NBC.com. Both the East Coast and West Coast versions are available.

Just go to http://www.nbc.com/nbc/Will_&_Grace/live/

Also please got to Digg.com and 'digg' the story I submitted.

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September 25, 2005

New Connected Device

A few weeks ago I finally gave in to my desire and bought a new phone, a smartphone. Since last year I have been looking at the Orange SPV C500 which is a Microsoft smartphone with bluetooth and camera. It was no longer available on PAYG so I looked to eBay to find a unit.

This was not the best time to become a smartphone user as upgraded handsets with Windows Mobile 5 were just around the corner but my SE T68i was playing up and if I had to get a new phone it had to be one I wanted and that was the C500.

I have the worst luck and timing when buying new technology which I will explain later but 3 or 4 days after I bought a new C500 off of eBay, Orange made the C500 available again on PAYG for 20 more then I paid from eBay.

The C500 is a connnected smartphone with browser, email client and Messenger and as I was on O2 and not Orange I had to manually enter the settings so I did some googling to find them out. None of the settings I got from various websites worked, so I called the expensive customer support number and was emailed so settings that were supposed to work even though they do not officially support the phone. Annoyingly these setting do not work either, so I have not been able to get on line which at least has saved me from a large GPRS bill.

Now for the finally and really annoying part. Before I bought the C500 I asked O2 if they planned to do their own version of the C500 and they said no they only do the larger PocketPC phone units, so imagine my annoyance at the announcement that from October O2 will be doing a Microsoft smartphone. If I had known this I would have probably waited and upgraded to a contract from PAYG to get the new phone. My only hope is once they do a smartphone I can get the correct settings and get mobile email.

The O2 XDA SP due out soon.

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September 20, 2005

Update thanks to free wireless

"This blog update is brought to you by the free wireless internet access at Berlin Schonefeld airport and my wireless PocketPC"
I have just been able to download my email and update my RSS Reader ready for the flight home. Getting connected for free should be available everywhere and to all.

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September 06, 2005

Missing: August

I seem to have misplaced August. Did any see it go by here? I think I heard it go past but can’t really remember. Anyway if anyone sees the month of August lying around please let me know.

I have been busy since my last post on July 25. I have discovered the joy of pie making or more importantly pie eating. I am not one to cook but I do like to eat and while on a walk in the countryside we picked some wild Blackberries and then made a pie.

Here are some pictures of long ago eaten pies.

This started a whole pie making experience and we made a plum pie with plums from a friend’s garden and our last pie was a peach one. Store bought peaches but tasty neither the less.

This started a whole pie making experience and we made a plum pie with plums from a friend’s garden and our last pie was a peach one. Store bought peaches but tasty neither the less.

Our first Blackberry pie

My super Peach pie

A Plum pie with little Plum Puffs made with leftover pastry

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