Why the domain name 'LoneSniper.com'

Back in the early days of the internet few people had a website and if they did the url was something like http://webspace.compuserve.com/user/10367.

Initally domains were expensive to register, about $70 a year if I remember correctly, however some country domains were cheaper to register so from 1997 to 1999 I had a domain ending in .nu which is from a tiny south pacific island. Firearm.nu was my first domain, but not my first email address, that is a different story. My first email address was firearm@electranet.com which was a service from a local internet café. Remember them? Anyway back to my first domain, it was more flashy than functional and just had some animated gif's, links to other sites and a few images. The site had a few images and information about the new Windows CE and handheld computers, pickup trucks and Millenniun the TV series as those were the things I was interestedf in at the time. And still am to a certain extent. I tried to write about stuff I liked but lacked the knowledge to create any useful content. Now I know that 'content is king' and even though I probably still can’t create it what I do create is easy to navigate around on my site.

When I first got DSL back in 2000 I started to plan online first person shooting games like Quake and Unreal Tournement and would always name my online character LoneSniper. The name seemed fitting as I am a very good shot (in the real world) and a very independent person and often travelled on my own. Back in 1997 I travelled around the USA on greyhound buses for 2 months on my own and am very at home all alone. So when it came to setting up a new domain it just seemed perfect as that was 'who' I was online, in online games and my I’M screen names.

Having the domain 'LoneSniper.com' can appear to be politically incorrect especially in this day and age but I am not crazy or a danger to society, it is just my online name.